Careers with Roberts Real Estate

You’ll find exciting opportunities available at Roberts Real Estate, Inc.! Whether you are an experienced sales associate or considering a new career in real estate, Roberts Real Estate, Inc. offers numerous advantages:

  • Many years of experience in the real estate profession
  • A well-recognized and respected name in the marketplace
  • Second to none staff support for sales associates
  • Personal and comprehensive training
  • A competitive commission schedule

Let Roberts Real Estate, Inc. help you build your real estate career in Central Florida. Please contact Carolyn K. Roberts at (352) 351-0011 to explore your career with Roberts Real Estate, Inc.!


A Real Estate Broker is an individual or entity that performs the services of real estate on behalf of another person, for compensation. The term “real estate” is defined in statute to include both interest in land or real property and business opportunities. The term “compensation” includes monetary compensation as well as valuable consideration, which includes benefits other than cash or tangible goods.

Sales associates are individuals who are allowed to perform these services but only at the direction and control of a real estate broker or for their registered owner developer.

If you are interested in starting a career in real estate, please contact us and we would be happy to assist. Click the Roberts Real Estate, Inc. logo below for additional licensing information and requirements.

For career advisement or information on a career with Roberts Real Estate, Inc., contact Carolyn K. Roberts at (352) 351-0011 or us our contact form.